Top 5 Best Places to Go on a Safari

Top 5 Best Places to Go on a Safari

Some of the reasons why people travel and go for holidays are personal and varied. Some people travel for work, holiday, recreation, adventure, strengthen relationships and others to learn.

Regardless of the reasons for going on a holiday safari you should choose to use Opodo for all your travel needs. Africa has some of the best holiday destinations to visit. When you go on an Africa safari, you will get to interact with African people and also interact with fellow travellers. Here are some of the best place to go on a safari.

  1. Botswana

Botswana is a landlocked country situated in South Africa. Botswana is well known for its wildlife. Some of the places to see wildlife in Botswana include Moremi national park, Chobe national park, Kalahari game reserve, and Okavango Delta. Some of the wildlife which you will see in Botswana include zebras, giraffe, wildebeest, red lechwe, hippo, pukku and antelopes.

  1. Tanzania

Tanzania is in East Africa and is known for its vast wildlife. Tanzania is the best beach and safari destination. Some of the animals you will see in Tanzania include zebras, buffaloes, wildebeests, kudus, elands, and dik-diks.

Tanzania is also famous for its predators. Serengeti National park is well known for spotting cheetahs, lions and leopards. You can also spot the rare species of a black rhino at the Ngorongoro crater.

  1. Namibia

Namibia is located in southwest Africa, and it borders the Atlantic Ocean. It is home to a lot of wildlife including the famous big five and a large species of marine life. Namibia has 26 National parks and game reserves. The most popular national park is the Etosha national park which has more than 100 species of mammals.

There are various animals which you can see in Namibia when you go for a safari. These animals include Black rhino at the Etosha national park. The best time to see the black rhinos is in August and October. Other animals you will see in Namibia include elephants, lion countless bird and insect species, and zebra.

  1. South Africa

South Africa is one of the best countries to go for a safari. The country holds some of the world natural gems and attractions. Plan a tour in South Africa with Opodo and enjoy the serene atmosphere, hotels, accommodation, game reserves natural attractions and a large variety of wildlife.

Concerning wildlife, the big 5 is the country’s main attraction and the best to see when on a safari. Some of the big five animals which you will see include leopard, black rhino, African elephant, lion, and the Cape buffalo.

  1. Kenya

Kenya harbours a wide variety of wildlife most.  Animals like the lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino, and leopard can be found in the national parks and game reserves. The lion is one of the most sought-after animals in wildlife safaris. You can find these animals in Masaai Mara and Lake Nakuru national park.

Going on an African safari is a great way to see different animals and get to interact with people from every corner of the world. Use Opodo if you want to have the best safari of your lifetime.