Things to Keep in Mind while visiting St. Lucia

Things to Keep in Mind while visiting St. Lucia


Vacationing on the Caribbean islands sounds nice especially the island of St. Lucia which is known for its sandy beaches and tropical landscapes. A large number of people travel to St. Lucia every year to enjoy the beauty of nature to their heart’s content. On a positive note, there are certain things that you should keep in mind while visiting this wonderful island.

Rent Villas

Most people who visit this island rent villas in order to get the most out of their stay. If you are traveling with a holiday package then you will most likely stay in hotel rooms. It seems cheaper than renting a high-end villa however, if you consider the long term benefits of both, you will realize that renting a villa actually costs you less. St. Lucia Villas are beautifully built and provide all the necessities of daily life. Not only this, St. Lucia villas are available for different budgets and vary in sizes. You can live comfortably without worrying about people disturbing you.

In addition, hotels charge 10% for room service which means you will be paying a lot if you like to have coffee frequently. In a villa, you can make your own coffee whenever you want and enjoy the pool and sunbeds all the day. Renting a villa in St. Lucia is a wise choice for long term benefits.

Always pay by Cash

In St. Lucia, you should always pay by cash. The reason is because sometimes card payment is not available and other times the currency exchange rates may over cost you. The local currency is Eastern Caribbean dollar but U.S dollars are also acceptable in St. Lucia. You won’t have to convert a huge amount of money for your travel.

Beach Vendors and Guides are Pushy

The beach vendors and tour guides in St. Lucia can be very pushy. You should be firm in declining their offers if you don’t want them. There are chances that they will constantly pester you so if you don’t want to ruin your vacation, you better keep this point in mind and stay clear of the crowded places.

The Beaches are Public

One of the best things about St. Lucia is that unlike other Caribbean islands, all the beaches here are public. You can stroll or swim in any of the beaches at St. Lucia. On a few other Caribbean islands, some beautiful beaches are exclusive for resorts and you will have to pay a huge sum in order to use those beaches.

There are more than the Beaches

The main reason people choose to vacation on islands is due to the beaches but St. Lucia has more to offer. Botanical Garden, waterfalls, mud pools plus Sulphur Springs are a few places you must visit while vacationing on St. Lucia Island. Moreover, you will see lush tropical landscape everywhere which demands your exploration. The local market called Castries is worth visiting at least once despite of its hustle and bustle.