The Ultimate Guide to Swimming with Turtles

The Ultimate Guide to Swimming with Turtles

Did you know that turtles have existed for around 215 million years? Their sizes vary from being as small as 3 inches to being 5 ft. long! Not only this, there are many amazing facts about turtles that make them interesting and intriguing. Turtles may be carnivorous, herbivorous and even omnivorous, depending on their species. Though the turtles fall under the reptile class, they are more closely related to birds rather than to lizards and snakes. These facts make the turtles extraordinary!

We humans have always had a knack for doing extraordinary things. A lot of us also wish to be affectionate with animals. The turtles are calm and non-threatening which is why many of us gravitate towards them. They an infinite pleasure to swim with, which they are, where we watch them in awe as they are oblivious to our existence and just go about their day swimmingly (pun intended).

However, because they are usually harmonious and not confrontational, like their other cunning reptilian counterparts, we cannot force anything against it. Planning on swimming with turtles? Key rule: you need to first and foremost, take care of them because they need to feel safe with you just like you would want to feel safe they being around you.

Following are some of the precautions that you can take while swimming with the turtles:


As big as these demure reptilian beasts are, they can get scared very easily. If you plan on swimming with the turtles, make sure you know how to approach them. Make sure that you don’t act like a person who has been thrown in the pool by their swimming class teacher for the first time. Splashing water will make the turtles feel a threat to them and their environment. Other than that, try to keep all the latest gossips or the marvels at how cute the turtles are after you have swum with them. Imagine, would you not be worried that two approaching dolphins talking to each other in their language could probably be plotting your murder?

Remember to stay composed with your actions as what makes us love them, scares.

Maintain the natural habitat

Do not just burst into the turtles’ habitat as if they invited you over for dinner. It is always best to observe the turtles from afar if you happen to encounter them while diving. The tendency to treat the turtles like celebrities, letting out a high pitched scream while waving fervently, at the moment might be strong because they would be the star of the show at that moment, but it is best to conceal one’s emotions and keep a 1.5-meter distance.

Approach the turtles from the side

It is not some surprise birthday party you are throwing for a best friend. Do not approach the turtles head-on. Always approach them from the side so they can swim away from you if they wish to. If a turtle approaches when you are diving, keep your hands to yourself, your emotions at bay, your vocal cords at standby and, quietly observe them at a distance.

Don’t chase em

There are a lot of things to do in the Grand Cayman, but chasing after the turtles isn’t one of them. This will cause immense stress to the turtle which is not good for them. A friendly behavior with this sea creature will make them feel unharmed. Like with humans, build a little faith in them for you and see how the “trust” wonderworks between you and these mammals.