The Best Honeymoon Destinations in Greece

The Best Honeymoon Destinations in Greece

Are you looking for a beautiful place to take your honeymoon? Look no further than Greece. There are hundreds of spots to choose from on both the Mainland and their islands. Some of the luxury greek island vacations offer unparalleled luxury while others have a more rustic twist. With almost 30 million annual tourists and over 300 sunny days in a year, it’s easy to appreciate Greece’s appeal. Keep reading and discover the best places to have a honeymoon in Greece.


According to their 1.5 million annual tourists, Santorini is among the most beautiful places in Greece. The volcanic island sits in the Cyclades and features steep coastal cliffs, black sand and terraced hillside villages. Most visitors start their trip in the island’s capital Fira which consists of a small town centre lined with shops and restaurants. Step a little further afield,and the city thins out into more sparsely populated villages. Splash out and get a villa overlooking the stereotypical white-washed buildings with sky blue patterns covering their exteriors. If you like views, stroll along Caldera Edge running next to the cliffs which provide views of the coastline. Also considering checking out the black-sand Perissa Beach and Kamari Beach as well as the 3500-year-old Minoan city of Akrotiri. Expect a developed infrastructure, restaurants offering fresh seafood and fine wine to wind away the warm evenings.


Athens, the capital of Greece, gets the most annual tourists for their ancient ruins littered around the city. Few things in life can be more special than waking up to views of the Acropolis dominating the city centre. Couples who want to get more out of their honeymoon rather than sitting around a pool or beach will relish the chance to spend time in Athens. You can walk through the historical Agora, visit the Parthenon and generally get a feeling of stepping back to the ancient worlds. Hundreds of hotels and resorts fill the city catering to the millions of annual visitors. And if you’re lucky, you might just snap up the perfect vacation rental to have the most romantic experience of your life. Don’t forget to stroll around the ruins after sunset too.


The idyllic island of Alonissos sits in the Aegean Sea and belongs to the North Sporades archipelago. Apart from providing a peaceful retreat, the island features some of Greece’s most elegant accommodation. Anticipate wildflowers covering the hills outside of the small towns and villages. The beaches have soft sand with crystal clear water that’s perfect for snorkelling. If you want to have a more secluded honeymoon in a rural part of Greece, consider spending a week in Alonissos. And lucky visitors might be on the island during one of their regular annual festivals and art exhibitions to throw in a handful of culture to the mix.


Milos Island provides the ultimate slice of paradise in Greece. With long stretches of coastline including the iconic Paliochori and coastal cliffs, Milos rates among their most stunning and photogenic destinations. Find one of the many villas and spend your hours under the Greek sun overlooking the beach. Or get out and explore the caves and quirky rock formations lining the coast. If you have a car, you can find several hidden bays and coves to have your own private stretch of sand. More active honeymooners might want to go snorkelling or sea kayaking in the warm teal waters. But one of the best activities is to join a boat tour. You can find several companies offering different packages. But the general itinerary includes a few hours passing around the island to pirate caves and viewpoints of the islands. Other activities include booking a couples day at the spa, soaking in the natural hot springs and visiting volcanoes.


The name Corfu might conjure images of British holidaymakers, English pubs and swimming pools. But this island in the Ionian Sea offers something much more romantic if you dig below the surface. Unlike much of Mainland Greece and their 6000 islands, the interior of Corfu is lush and green. Because the islandreceives more rainfall, the undergrowth can grow into a green oasis found in few other parts of the country. One of the best places for a honeymoon is to get a villa overlooking the undulating green landscapes broken by the fields of olive trees. History lovers can escape the beaches and visit UNESCO-listed Corfu Town which features dozens of ruins and museums. If you want to combine history and culture with something unique to Greece, consider spending your honeymoon in Corfu.


Crete is among the oldest parts of Greece. The ancient Minoans lived in this environment almost 9000 years ago, which makes them one of Europe’s oldest civilisations. Visitors have flocked to the island for decades which provides a convenient infrastructure filled with bars and restaurants. Not everyone wants to be in the touristy parts surrounded by other holidaymakers. And for this reason, a few specialist accommodation options have sprouted up. Honeymooners might want to rent a villa away from the popular areas and get a car to reach the less populated areas. Crete offers a broad historical experience with a luxurious and isolated getaway.

Honeymooning in Greece

Greece gets millions of tourists with a decent proportion of these coming for their honeymoon. Whether you want to see the historical sights and ruins or relax on the beach, you’ll get it in Greece. Splash out,and you’ll get some of the best villas and rentals to enjoy your honeymoon in both a comfortable and exclusive environment.