7 Popular Places to Visit in Montenegro by Car Rental

7 Popular Places to Visit in Montenegro by Car Rental

Steep mountains, gorgeous landscapes, vibrant nightlife, and beautiful beaches are what Montenegro is famous for. There are many places to see and explore. If this is your first trip to Montenegro, you may not want to miss a few places on your trip. Go for a car rental option if you wish to really experience what Montenegro is all about.

7 Popular Places to Visit in Montenegro by Car Rental:

  1. Sveti Stefan:

Considering the history of 15th century, the place is superb to explore by a car. The destination has iconic sceneries and stunning views on the route. Its magnificentbeaches will take your breath away. You may either enjoy a long drive or laze around on the beach. The town is simply bewitching.

  1. Rose:

Rose is a small port. It is away from Montenegro’s hustle bustle crowd. The small town is known for divers. There underwater beauty cannot be described in words. If you are a marine life lover, this is the place to be. You may hire a car to reach Rose.

  1. Kotor:

Kotor is a charming town which is popular for its dramatic mountains and serene sea. The bay is surrounded by limestone cliffs. It was first conquered by the Greeks. The town was once surrounded by huge walls. If you have hired a car, halt at the main square for some pleasant crowd and experience.

  1. Budva:

Budya is based on the coastlineof a sandy beach. The place is ideal for those who love to laze around under the shining sun for sun bathing. Budva is an ancient city preserved during the middle ages. Explore the beautiful shops, cafes, and restaurants on foot.

  1. Perast:

Perast is also known as a stone village. There are about 10 historic points to explore here by travelers. It is a hometown of churches, cathedrals, and Baroque palaces. If you are seeking nature’s beauty, this is the place to be.

  1. Herceg Novi:

Herceg is situated on the Bay of Kotor. You will find many yachts and sailors. The clear sea water is a scenic beauty to experience. You will also find some panoramic views on yourjourney.

  1. Savina:

Savina is a gorgeous town surrounded by lush green forests and mystic mountains. It is popularly known as one of the gorgeous coastlines of Montenegro. The blue waters and green landscapes make the journey worth it. A Car Rental Service in Montenegrois an ideal choice to explore these towns.