5 Natural Wonders to See InCanada

5 Natural Wonders to See InCanada

Canada has terrific natural wonders that no man-made attraction can beat.  The country’s raw beauty is unique and you will create beautiful memories to last you a lifetime. There are many marvelous sites that you must visit when in Canada. eDreams is your most efficient online travel agent to book your flight to Canada if you are looking for an extraordinary destination for your holiday.

Niagara Falls

In Canada, there are different natural wonders, but it feels incredible to be a few meters from the thunderous Niagara Falls. It has three beautiful cascades, and the view is fantastic. There is more than 168,000 cubic meter in every fall of the water. If you love exploring waters, there are boat tours on the Maid of the Mist, which will take you close to the falls. Behind the falls, there are tunnels to explore, and they will lead you to a deck where you can view and feel the roaring sensation of the waterfalls just a few a meters away.

Alberta the Dinosaur Provincial Park

If you love natural history, the dinosaur provincial is an amazing place for you to visit. It is also referred as one of the most significant dinosaur yards in the world. The southern Alberta was the home of dinosaurs, reptiles, primitive mammals, reptiles and amphibians over 70 million years ago. The animals died and their remains got buried in mud and sand and then fossilized. It is estimated that more than 500 species of different animals lay here including 40 species of dinosaur.

Nahanni National Park

If you are a nature enthusiast, you will enjoy exploring over 500 kilometers of terrain land at Nahanni National park. It is one of the greatest areas where you can enjoy hiking in Canada with many different trails with unique, stunning natural sites. The Glacier Lake trail is breathtaking and a natural wonder with beauty that you will treasure a lifetime.  The South Nahanni and Britnell Creek Rivers create a beautiful water body view in the park.

The Sunblood Mountain is a great background view for your photos and also a real challenge for hikers who love challenging treks. It leads you to the Ram Creek, a trail with stunning scenery and many exciting twists and turns.

Singing Sand

Most people enjoy the seashells’ soothing sounds. But in Canada, you get to hear about singing sand. You will see this on Basin Head, which is found in Prince Edward Island. The shows are melodic and so different from other beaches. There is a tune similar to whistling a sound or music. Even scientists cannot explain this natural wonder. This is one of the most exciting natural wonders in Canada that you shouldn’t miss when in this country.

Hopewell Rocks

The Bay of Fundy is in New Brunswick and this is the home of the Hopewell Rocks. The layout of this area is extraordinary. Visitors are advised to remain on the shores because the waters run deep up 16 meters. However, the Rockwell rocks are different and exciting than any other rocks you have seen before. The rocks are clearly visible when the water retreats; they are between 12 and 20 meters high during a low tide.

Canada has much more exciting natural wonders to enjoy any time of the year. All you need is to book your travel with eDreams, and you will be there on time to have fun.